Can you stand up for a cause? Alone?

Consider this – You are in a bus. And you see a lecherous man eyeing a lady. He is sort of checking her out. He even tries to get cosy with her. The lady is ignoring him. She obviously doesn’t want a scene. It has nothing to do with you. But will you stand up and do something?

Second situation – There is a serious tussle going on between your loved one and a neighbor. You feel your loved one is not right. But objecting will mess up with your own relationship. Will you stand up and take the side of the outsider and hurt your own?

Third situation – You know your teacher is being mean to your friend. But revolting would end up in an ugly situation. Will you stand up with your friend against the teacher and possibly earn the wrath of the school authorities?

Honestly, in such situations, I would personally not like to invite trouble. What will you do? Will you stand up or remain seated like me. I guess, we the common people like to be seated. We have a hundred chores to do, mundane jobs to take care of…we are already burdened and do not want to bring on more problems.

We witness everything but turn our faces away. This is the reason why ‘saints’ like Ram Rahim continue to rape women for decades or little kids like Pradyman Thakur get murdered in school premises. We forget that a witness to crime also partakes in the crime and shares the ‘paap’ with the perpetrator.

But just in case, if you belong to that rare species of human beings, who just cannot stand injustice, then good luck to you. You will be perceived as a dimwit. Your standing up will come at a great cost. But then, we the seated lot might look up to you and may join you against injustice.

I earnestly hope, you the reader, belong to this rare species. Just be at it my friend! Only a few have your courage, only a few have your integrity and only a few know what is right and what is objectionable. The world needs more people like you.

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26 thoughts on “Can you stand up for a cause? Alone?

  1. Smriti singh

    Great piece and definitely thought provoking…. I guess the majority population is not in either category….. most of us fall in between…. we act kind of selfish…. we probably judge and measure the pros and cons of each situation and then take a stand…..
    I wish we were all strong enough to call spade a spade…..

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    1. The world needs more people like you PJ. We need those who can stand and fight as well as resolve issues. Sometimes minding our own business is not so great idea. It is sort of selfish! Thanks a lot for sharing PJ!


  2. Shivangi, these are part of various profound questions that we all confront and we do so almost daily in different such situations and how much we can stand for and fight for a cause is the bigger question. As rightly stated, never easy to be strong person and stand in such situations but therein lies the heart and the mind we develop for building a better society around us. Each one of us has to play our part to make a difference in other’s life and our value system and our principles matters.

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