Here is why you attract toxic people!

Have you been attracting toxic people all your life? In school, in college, at workplace and home? Do you end up listening to mindless negative blabber that affects your positive spirit? Do you think it is rude to walk away from people in false distress? If your answers are yes, then the problem is in you. Do walk away, walk out and let go of negative people.

In case you are wondering that your toxic friend might be depressed and dependent on you for support then please understand the difference.

A toxic person injects his misery into others while a depressed person generally injects it to himself. A depressed person would like to be isolated and walk away from attention while toxic people want to be unhappy and want others to share the unhappiness with them.

If you try to be happy in their presence, they will ensure to make you feel guilty about it. And mind you, they generally succeed in their deception for a long time!They revel in making others unhappy in every possible way or if one dares to break free then he is termed mean, bad and an unworthy friend.

So, if you are this sunny personality and prone to toxic attack, then do not get manipulated due to your vulnerability. Differentiate between real misery and attention seeking drama of toxic personalities. Value your time and positive spirit! Walk out, walk fast!

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38 thoughts on “Here is why you attract toxic people!

  1. A nice post. Relationships are complex and it is not easy to deal with toxic people. There are some relationships which are more difficult because it’s not so easy to close the door and say goodbye. They may be unlikely to change, but you can. You have rightly said “walk out”. If walking out straight isn’t possible due to complexity of the relationship, then it’s better to limit your time with that person and ghost out of the relationship — and don’t look back.

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  2. Excellent post! I completely agree with you! I just wrote an article myself about how decluttering toxic people from your life is so important. It was a coincidence I saw your post as well in the newsfeed! My name is also so similar to yours!! Double coincidence. I am a follower!

    Here’s my article too if you’re interested:

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  3. Depression is definately very different. And thank you for the post. It seems I do attract toxic people 😂 I am depressed so always want to help others so they don’t feel the same. This has unfortunately led to me attracting quite a few liars and attention seekers who often damaged me and betrayed me in the end.
    I wrote a post on how to help a depressed person on take a look if you like!

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