A walk in a Japanese Garden

My friend and fellow blogger Millie Thom‘s recent blog on a Japanese Garden inspired me to walk over to our nearby Japanese Garden this morning. This little 2-acre garden is a part of a community college campus. My son and I had a great time inhaling the rejuvenating air and admiring the refreshing views. Thanks Millie for the inspiration and hope you all like the clicks.

The Japanese garden is created to present a miniature and idealized view of nature. Rocks are symbolic of mountains while ponds can represent seas.

All the architectural elements and components including water, waterfall, stones, bridges, lanterns, benches, meditation shelter, plants, shrubs and trees etc have deep philosophical aspect too.

Love this striking red bridge!

A waterfall peeps through the foliage!

Little fish friends came over to say hello!

Another curved bridge!

A pathway.

Beyond the garden!

Check Millie’s lovely blog post here

35 thoughts on “A walk in a Japanese Garden

  1. The garden is as lovely as you described in your comment on my post, Shivangi. I can say from other places I’ve visited that red bridges seem to feature in Japanese gardens and of course, so do Koi carp. I absolutely love the waterfall and can imagine how wonderfully soothing to the senses it is.
    I can well understand why your son loves to visit such a place and your photos are stunning. Isn’t it a strange coincidence that your Japanese garden is exactly the same size as the one I visited? Perhaps 2 acres is an ideal size for Japanese gardens.
    Thank you so much for sharing this, Shivangi. It really does mean a lot to me. ❤

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    1. Thank you Millie for your lovely response. Your post compelled me to visit the garden again. This garden looks even more beautiful during Fall and Winters. I didn’t know the size of our gardens are same as yours looks bigger😀. I would love to know the reason and philosophy behind all the elements used. It is said that even the sizes of stones are used methodically in keeping with the tradition. Thanks again for your amazing, inspiring posts😀❤️


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