My Father’s Song to Krishna

Although credit goes to my grandma for introducing Lord Krishna to us, it is my 68 year old father who reaffirms our faith time and again through his soulful bhajans (devotional songs). As we celebrate the birthday (Janmashtami) of the mischievous God, do listen to this wonderful song invoking Krishna in my father’s voice.

Here, the singer is asking the Lord to take birth again once again and keep His promise. Everyone is waiting for Him to take Kalki avatar.

When we were small, Krishna ruled over our household and often caused mayhem. His room needed to be cleaned first. The best garlands were made for him. He needed to be bathed and adorned and then an elaborate puja ceremony would follow sometimes infuriating us kids. We would get jealous of the attention Krishna got.

While morning passed in tending to the enchanting one, Evening ceremony would bring joy. It was the most beautiful part of the day because my father would then sing soulful songs in his divine voice. Hearing him everyday, strengthened us from within.

He would transfer us to a world of spirituality, faith and belief. The belief that someone up there always takes care of us. Faith that there is always a positive aspect to every misfortune. And lastly, in order to be free and joyful, just surrender to Krishna.

Even now, my gentle and loving father teaches us the most profound things in a very simple way. I will relate an incident. My family believes in astrology to some extent and my father wore a couple of rings with special stones. I asked him to get a ring for me too according to my horoscope. He laughed and said – You don’t need any ring, or anything to protect you. You have Krishna!

The best lines of faith I have ever heard in my life. I am truly grateful to the almighty that I belong to a family that is steeped in faith. I hope you like my father’s voice. And although many of you don’t know the language, I am sure your hearts will comprehend. Jai Shri Krishna!

35 thoughts on “My Father’s Song to Krishna

  1. Jai Shri Krishna!!!
    Shivangi I am delighted to read this post about Shri Krishna on the eve of “Krishnajanmastami”.
    I am sorry the video could not open on my smart phone so I could not hear the voice of Dad. Maybe it opens on the desk top I suppose. But his Voice is clear in your Words; a person who has been rendering songs all through his life singing Bhajans shall sure have a good voice and has the sense of music. You having come from such a family depicts in your demeanour always.
    Shivangi your visit to my Blog on the war post I had responded on your comment, maybe you have not received the notification about it. I had requested you to see to my previous posts.
    Since you have now been talking of Krishna I would want you to read my post “GOD Met Me” series Part1 to 3 and the one periods to that “Accelerated Heart Beats” I am sure YOU shall be glad to read the discussion I had with God when he Met Me. Please read from the parts from 1 to 3.
    I shall hear the audio of father some time when it is convenient, as the meaning of the song you have written is beautiful.
    Further we shall discuss things with God when you come over. 😃💟

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                1. Wow… I am so happy to follow you with your vast knowledge. Sir, I only know what I have read and heard. I don’t know more than that. Kalki will come in our yuga, that is kaliyug. When there will be too much violence and blood shed. My grandmother once told me that when priests of the puri Jagannath temple would kill each other and blood will flow out of the temple, Kalki would be born to save the world. I don’t know how much validity is in there. Here is a link on Kalki avatar, you might be interested in –

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                  1. Haha thanks. Kali yuga is nigh. We have already begun transition into the golden age, when people will fail to be possessed by sanatan dharma by their own choice.
                    I am aware there has been too much tweaking of the realities concerning Kalki but that was necessary over the thousands of years to ensure the religion survives till the end of times.


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