Small Thing#2 – Fidget Spinner, the sensational toy!

When my son told me about mighty Fidget Spinners, I stared at him dumbly. Later, I googled but found nothing great about the toy except that it acts as stress reliever. But kids (nephew, niece, neighbourhood kids… everyone) are raving about it this year! 

This latest toy fad has taken school going kids in US by the storm. And grown ups like me are clueless about these weird flashy things! They are just so ordinary.

We also received a letter from the Principal banning the toy from school premises because kids were acting crazy over it. 

I don’t know how Fidget Spinner people marketed this toy but they have certainly succeeded. After repeated request and good jobs, my son got his Fidget Spinner yesterday! And he was on top of the world. He promised to be the ‘nicest boy ever’ and carried it around like a precious treasure. Didn’t know Fidget Spinners were that effective! LOL!

23 thoughts on “Small Thing#2 – Fidget Spinner, the sensational toy!

  1. I got to remember so many things after reading this post, especially childhood.
    There were no special toys during our childhood or rather there were no toys at all. Except with marbles, old sticks and so on…. The games we used to play were of no cost…naming them would make it a big list. But I shall mention a few. Hide and Seek, Jumping on squares, Monkey tree, Jumping on each others back, snake and ladder etc…. Even these games used to give concentration, good health, joy, pleasure and building relationships. Fight and then be friends. LOL!
    Today’s toys are cost centered, attractive and single user. They certainly take time, and time so precious of a child. Corporate marketing has been the order of the day. What can we do about it is a thing to ponder.
    Shivangi tell your child the games we used to play and how lively and fresh we used to be even after a great play ,fight and rejoindering… Hahaha
    You are a good story teller, I am sure you will do it the best and might have already done it so many times.
    Blessings to You and Family not forgetting your Son.

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    1. Thank you Shiva for such a lovely and precious reply. Every word that you say is true. I never had any doll or toys… we just invented games or played the games you mentioned. I really mourn our kids’ indoor time. Childhood should be spent in grounds and open fields not in a room full of gadgets. An unfortunate aspect of our times! Thank you for taking me back to those lovely years away from maddening tablets and phones

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