Writer Interview of Shivangi from ‘Stories by Shivangi’ #interview #nonfiction #author #childrensbooks

Please read my interview by the amazing writer/blogger Amanda (Mandi Belle). She is an outstanding writer. Do check out her stories also. Hope you enjoy the read.


Hi, welcome to another interview for my biweekly interview series.I have been behind due to other projects soI’m having a special edition of my interview series featuring the lovely and talented Shivangi Singh from Minnesota in the United States, on a Sunday. Her blog’s link is here:Stories by Shivangi – Once Upon A Time . . .

Shivangi - Self Credit: Shivangi Singh

1. Please Tell Us About Yourself?

I am Shivangi Singh from ‘Stories by Shivangi’from Minnesota in the Unites States. I am a stay at home mom and I love to weave stories inspired by my surroundings. If you enjoy stories, films, and kids stuff, visit my blog, you will most definitely enjoy it.

As a child, I aways dreamt of writing books but with the development of technology, I have learned how easy it is to self-publish, now more than ever. I have…

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13 thoughts on “Writer Interview of Shivangi from ‘Stories by Shivangi’ #interview #nonfiction #author #childrensbooks

  1. Shivangi! Great interview.
    It does show the love for writing and for your family.
    Your kids have been a great source of inspiration to you.
    I could get to know of your published books on Children.
    Congrats Once Again.
    Wishing great times ahead for You.

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