A Child’s Note to Parents

Dear Parents,

Soon you would be having conference regarding my performance in school. As you listen, please remember that what my teacher might be describing may not be the complete truth. So, do not get uptight if you hear any blemish. I hope you will accept me as I am as long as I am trying.

Remember that all children do not walk or speak at the same age, nor do they learn math, reading or science at the same rate. Please do not compare me to my brothers, sisters, cousins or friends. I am unique to this world. Be realistic in setting my goals. Challenge me but do not push me beyond my abilities. Please let me be a child first before labelling me as a success or a failure.

The conference would be a picture of me at school. I am very different at home. In school, I have to deal with around 25-50 kids my age, I sometimes respond in a different manner. My teacher knows me at school, You know me at home. The real ‘Me’ is somewhere in between.

When these images blend with sufficient understanding, acceptance and love, I hope you’ll see a unique individual who can make you proud and bring happiness to our family.

Love you,

Your Kid

(We received this touching leaflet from my Son’s school before a conference. I could not help sharing. Do share this post, it is worth the effort. Because sometimes we adults are incapable of seeing a child’s point of view.)

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26 thoughts on “A Child’s Note to Parents

  1. Love it, love it, love it!! Will share to other blogs as well as facebook and twiter. This is soooo true. My son was pretty much the same at home and at school but my daughter was so different…an angel at school and extremely different at home [haha well, at least home was a safe place to be her:)]

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    1. Thank you for your sweet sweet comment. After reading this letter which they had sent from school…I saw a kid’s point of view. I hope others will profit from this too. And your comment is great Cheryl… thanks again!

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      1. I remember when my grandson started Kindergarten…he found it so difficult eating with all the noise in the hall; he was used to daycare since he was 1 but school is soooo noisy and now he is in high school and finds the bus too noisy too. No wonder the kids get home so tired.

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