The Raped Girl Who Refused Heaven!

A girl who was brutally raped and murdered, went to heaven. Near the entry she checked herself in the golden mirror. All signs of cruelity that had been done to her body was gone. Now, she had a glorious, translucent form. The four guards of Heaven greeted her at the gates. But suddenly, she stopped and stepped aside.

Every soul was always eager to enter heaven and meet God. Since eternity, nobody had ever done that. So, the four agitated guards asked her, “Why are you refusing heaven? My dear, come back to the queue and enter the great gates.”

The girl smiled and recounted, “You know I was gang raped by a group of filthy men, who were jeering and spitting on me…”

“Yes, we know that…,” the guards cut her short in chorus. “Please don’t tell us the details. We know you have suffered immensely but once you enter the gates, all pain and sadness will vanish. Your troubled soul will find peace. All thoughts will leave you and you will bask in eternal glory.”

The girl still hesitated. The wind played with her hair as she she looked around with delight but still showed no inclination to enter.

“Dear, what is going on your mind? Do you feel any sort of guilt? Do you think you can’t face God after what happened to your modesty?,” the guards asked in chorus.

The girl laughed for a long, long time while perplexed guards looked at each other. 

“It is not that! The reason why I don’t want to see God is not because I am ashamed. I have done no wrong. Wrong has been done to my body.” she answered.

“Then?,” the guards asked.

“It is because God will be shamefaced on seeing me. I know, He will never be able to meet my eyes. I want to spare Him the shame as I love Him too much,” the girl wandered away after saying this leaving a trail of shimmering light behind her. The guards stood unmoved, red faced.

God heard her, clutched his heart and cried…

( Written after viewing a terrible image of a dead, rape victim in West Bengal, India. She moved me beyond words. A tribute to such victims.)

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40 thoughts on “The Raped Girl Who Refused Heaven!

            1. I hope God finds some way…the girl is already at peace but God is agitated. The onus is now on God to get her back…! I just pray rapists get an incurable disease after committing the crime – just wishful thinking!

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  1. The wrenching horror relative to actual incident notwithstanding, I appreciate your creative flair in crafting an immensely readable short story. Just be at it, Shivangi, as you have what it takes to be a great storyteller…πŸ€—

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  2. sherinsk

    shivangi if i said you are good in something i meant it,i said it not because to get any help from you. i saw a childhood innocence in you which i lost somewhere πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you Sherin… sab theek hai… I have got loads of piled up work. As for your questions, you know well that these questions will never ever stop. Since in OCD a sort of maze is created in the brain. Break this circle by changing lifestyle and routine. Do not pay attention to the questions… you already know the answers. These questions will stop you from moving on. Do not seek approval, you are doing great! And I will answer your comments but not your questions this will create more questions in you. Tell your mind, I am not going to be tricked by you and relax! You will make it! All the best

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  3. Deepak Nagpal

    We will never be able to understand how a rape victim feels. I mean more than being the victim of the act and perpetrators, she becomes the victim of thoughts, guilt, shame, what society thinks etc etc. It’s a death while still being alive.

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  4. To be honest……
    The worst crime is Rape and doing anything against the modesty of a woman is beyond a real man’s perview.
    Well expressed emotions
    Simply touched and tormented my heart ❀️ too.

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