White Holi!

While the vibrant spring festival, Holi is being celebrated with colours all over the world, we are having a different kind of Holi here in Minnesota (USA). Nature has chosen to shower us with snow today, making it a wonderful White Holi for us!

Earth has got covered up with a sheet of white.

A lone fitness enthusiast dared to venture out!

Snow, snow everywhere!

Footprints in the snow as pedestrians hurried by….

Trees huddled together, waiting for the arrival of spring! 

BTW, have a super duper, colourful Holi! 

62 thoughts on “White Holi!

  1. sherinsk

    Shivangi if you were in your indian state your family members would have had a blast during holi right?can i ask you something?can’t you and your family celebrate holi in minnesota using other colors?is it not allowed?

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    1. Happy Holi Sherin! We played Holi at home and of course it is allowed but we have carpeted homes so we can’t play with water colours. So we used gulaal instead. Plus it is so cold, playing too much Holi means sickness😀

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            1. Yes…that’s right! Balance is the word if you follow Buddhism, faith is the word if you follow Krishna or Jesus… the faith that – whatever happens is always for our good, only we fail to accept it and understand!


      1. sherinsk

        sorry shivangi,just one more thing.Is your husband working as a software engineer there?i mean is it like the indian software company where he was working sent him to U.S(their us company) for some years.i have such friends,that is why i asked.if there is any difficulty in saying it here just forget this comment ok?

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  2. The Title catched up my attention. White Holi, it seems to be there.
    Thanks Shivangi for the colorful life you have blessed on all of Us.
    How come your visits to mine have totally reduced is there is any other reason. You may express frankly.

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    1. I am so sorry Shiva… if you felt that I am not frequenting yours. I visited yours a while back but did not find a new post so I thought you are taking a break. I was busy writing my second book before that hence I was really not visiting people but now I will ensure to be around. I will come to check out yours soon. Thanks a ton for coming over😀

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      1. Oh congratulate you for the second book. It is so great to have a series of them. My best wishes always in your endeavours.
        See Shivangi I keep posting once a week almost on every Monday, some times one post may run for a fortnight. Since I had not seen you coming for months now I had to say so. Please ever do not think I am making you a compulsion. I only want my favorite blogger friends to visit and have reciprocal discussions on the lines to have some thrilling experience and gain knowledge that’s all.
        It is Color Day here in our town, the fifth day and last day of Holi.
        Have a nice White Holi!
        Great Fun!

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        1. Shiva thanks a lot for your wishes. I don’t know why but I don’t see your posts on my reader. I will refollow you, may be that will do the trick. And I know there is no compulsion but you are my friend and I love your posts so I will come over😀😀😀

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  3. You write beautifully…!!
    I have nominated your blog for the “One LovelyBloggers Award”
    There is no compulsion to accept it. And no urgency to complete it forthwith. Do it at your will.
    If you are interested to be featured in a guest post on my blog you can send a mail at ranjeetanathghai@gmail.com
    If you are interested in it and have no issues accepting it you may please follow the link. More about this nomination is at

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