After Kangana’s Coffee with Karan….

Seething with anger, Mr Karan Johar sat in a luxurious room post his ‘Koffee with Karan’ episode with the arrogant actress Kangana Ranaut. He had been contradicted and slammed on his own famous chat show by a little actress, who was weaker than him in every way. She had no ‘godfather’ in the Hindi film industry, she was not the daughter of a renowned filmmaker or celebrity, she had far lesser contacts and connections than him, and less wealth in comparison to him.  Although, red faced after being called a ‘movie mafia’, Karan had tried to maintain his composure, making it all light and good humoured but the cracks had shown on the show…

Breaking his reverie, the phone buzzed! It was his favourite actress. “How could she, the shabby thing, speak to you like that Karan.You poor thing, I know you must be really mad….and did you hear her disgusting accent….what’s wrong with her….,” the actress purred. Karan spoke his heart out for the next ten moments. The staff in the next room could make out that the boss was indeed in a very bad humour.

“The down market thing, needs to be taught a lesson….,” another favourite whatsapped him. By this time, the media and twiterrati were having a gala time at the expense of poor Mr Johar. The man had been stumped at his own ‘masala’ show! The media sided with Kangana, who had chided Karan for his nepotism and tendency to act as the owner of Bollywood.

 The Hindi film industry is indeed brimming with actors and actresses with less talent and more contacts. All the top notch actors are sons and daughters of celebrities – Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Shraddha Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Tiger Shroff….to name just a few. Ms Ranaut had won this round of applause.

Mr Johar reacted subtly in his next episode of ‘Koffee with Karan’ with Kapil Sharma. “What would you do if you wake up as Kangana Ranaut?,” he asked the comedian. “I would delete my emails,” Kapil Sharma replied sheepishly. And then both laughed nonsensically, insinuating at Kangana and Hrithik’s affair! But the humour fell flat. 

By this time, more than half of the industry sided with Karan Johar, they needed to be in his good books. Ms Ranaut was always an outsider, a nobody, despite having talent. She had also dared to pick up fights with other prominent goliaths like Roshans and was said to be arrogant and rude. 

Karan struck again! While speaking on the sidelines of an event at the London School of Economics, he hinted that Kangana may not have understood the meaning of the word nepotism, that he was fed up of seeing her play the ‘woman card’ and ‘victim card’ and that if the actress had such a problem with the way  industry worked, she was welcome to leave.

That day, watching Karan’s vengeful speeches, Kangana smiled inwardly! She knew most of the industry people would refuse to work with her now. She had irrepairably damaged her career by being loud and clear but…what made her smile was…atleast she had managed to hit back in some way. She knew that she could be called names and dirty allegations might be made against her but she was here to stay! It was time for her to react again! She straightened her back and strided confidently albeit towards an uncertain future.

(Disclaimer – This is a dramatised version of the ongoing battle between Karan Johar and Kangana Ranaut. It is partly factual and partly fictitious. Images courtesy Google.)

26 thoughts on “After Kangana’s Coffee with Karan….

  1. Karan speaking out against Kangana has come as no surprise to us. But what amazes us is that it took him nearly two weeks to end his maun vrat on Kangana. Karan took potshots at Kangana when she wasn’t around to defend herself; her reply makes it very clear that her fight is not against an individual. It takes a lot to stand up to bullies who are more influential, but Kangana has never cowed down. She is a self-made woman who is ‘definitely not going anywhere’. Karan Johar picked the wrong woman to bully.

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    1. Hahaha…. true Indrajit. And the way he as well as others like him make fun of middle class dress and manners is despicable. Kangana is no saint, she knows how to fight! As you said, he has picked the wrong woman to bully! Thank you!

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  2. Deepak Nagpal

    No one could have put it better fren. And she truly is the queen. Once, Preity Zinta was hailed for standing up to the underworld, Kangana has entered the book of the courageous by taking on the mafia. 😃

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  3. sherinsk

    shivangi that day you wrote a beautiful poem on shree krishna right?i believe krishna had lot of lovers(sorry if i am wrong).Then you can write a love poem right?

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    1. Sherin, If I start writing it will fill a post…Krishna is a Universal lover… on the spiritual plane. And if you talk about history then polygamy was prevalent at that time. I will explain it in a post when I have more time. 😀

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  4. sherinsk

    ok.i have a question.Do you feel bored reading series of love poems in my blog?Actually now i also feel that.some stories and movies i have in mind.just say freely ok?

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    1. No… I don’t feel bored. Since it comes straight from your heart, it is great. Anything that comes easily to you is great, do not try to be like anybody else. Just write whatever you believe in…! Blog is your space, be yourself!

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  5. sherinsk

    Thank you shivangi :).what is your mornings like?you have to wake up early and make food right?i believe adi is the one going to have to give him a bath,give him breakfast,dress him in school uniform,you have to wait for school bus and send him,then send your husband office and when the little guy sleeps you come to write ever feel tired or i guess you enjoys it right?if everything i said is sort of right,say right ok?

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  6. ‘The angry young woman’ will be a hit with the masses, and two National Awards have given her the backup to speak. Maybe, it was an attempt at damage repair after the black magic allegations and her tacit acceptance of the same.

    Karan Johar’s reactions are typical, like any political or corporate lobby’s hegemonistic statements. They will make it look like a ‘sour grapes’ story with both big banner films and pedigreed boyfriends.

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  7. What I don’t understand is how all levels of society can treat the top actors like gods when they know those actors may think they’re superior because of family backgrounds. I would think the ordinary movie goers would side with the actors from ordinary backgrounds who have become famous through their own efforts and not hereditary backgrounds. Good post, Shivangi. —- Suzanne

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