A Short Ghost Story

My Very first blog on WordPress…when I had no readers. Thanks to you all, now my blog is growing. Hope you like this Ghost Story!

Stories by Shivangi

This story is true.

It was time for me to go to my new office. The time was 11.45 pm. The world was probably resting but I had to go to meet this queer new boss at that hour. I more than desperately needed that job. I would not like to go into details as to why I took up such a strange job that demanded employees to work every night for just three hours…due to personal reasons but the fact that they were paying handsomely tempted me. I threw caution to the wind as I reached the office. It was a huge building. I had never seen it before although I often crossed this area. Suddenly, I was reminded of one of the obnoxious clauses attached to this job. I was supposed to be unafraid of everything on the first day of office.

I thought of returning to the…

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