Trump, Hillary face off – Bollywood Ishtyle!

As race for the American President, reaches its final hours, I couldn’t help having a little fun at the expense of the two famous candidates -Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Fultoo Bollywood Ishtyle!!! Watch it here:

Koi Humse Jeet Na Paave (
For those not familiar with these Hindi Film songs – The song featured on Trump (Koi Humse Jeet Na Paye) is from the film Lagaan. Here, Trump is implying he and his supporters will not let anyone win, they will keep moving on!

The song featured on Hillary (Khud ko Kya Samajhta hai) is from Khiladi. Here, she is wondering about the audacity of Trump. She says what does this guy think of himself, he is so arrogant. She declares that they will teach him a lesson!

Hope you enjoy my fun take and relax ahead of the great nail-biting election!

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17 thoughts on “Trump, Hillary face off – Bollywood Ishtyle!

  1. This is a good one, Shivangi. Jokes apart, it does not make any difference for India whoever wins. In the interest of America, I hope Hillary makes it. She does not seem to be all that popular in the US, going by the neck to neck contest even against such a deplorable candidature, to use Hillary’s own description of her opponent. The saving grace may only be limited to finally seeing a lady in WH…

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  2. Most unexpected news since 2 days which makes no sense. First ( our P.M ) Modi relinking 500 &1000 Rupees note from Circulation. Most unexpected news and Trump’s success as Your President Elect. Both hateful news. Not that I don’t want hoarders go unpunished. I am as much against corruption. I would have wanted Hillary Clinton to be the winner .

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