A Gift For You – Princess ebook

My Dear,

With immense pleasure I announce the publishing of my first ever book – The  Princess with Brown Teeth in ebook format. It is free and a gift to you as well as your little one. You can also read the entire book online without downloading it by clicking here (click on PREVIEW after the link opens and happy reading!). Kindly leave an honest review. 

I have given my best to this book, with little professional help, utilizing every little moment I have had, away from my two kids. I have done the illustrations myself with some help.

It is far from being perfect but I am happy that I completed it despite problems.

After becoming a mom, I entered kids’ magical world and saw wonder and creativity here. Many stories would enter my thoughts and leave but one perfect morning ‘The Princess with Brown Teeth’ came and thankfully stayed on. I just had to write it. 

Although, I completed the book last month itself, I had difficulty letting it go.  That is why I could not summon the courage to publicise it earlier than now. I had the same set of feelings when my son started kindergarten! But now I am leaving it in your hands!

I always wanted to be an author and finally managed to self publish a book with the grace of Krishna!

Many of my friends on WordPress are already famous published authors who know far more than me. I humbly request you to point out at my mistakes for constructive criticism. 

I sincerely hope that you and your little ones love this book as much as my little ones do.

Love always,


41 thoughts on “A Gift For You – Princess ebook

  1. Well done, Shivangi! It isn’t easy writing any book and the whole idea of publishing it (and knowing that other people will now read it!) is even more scary! I wish you every success and hope you get some wonderful reviews. πŸ˜€

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    1. Yes it has been quite scary Millie. The problem is I couldn’t publish on KDP because of my immigration status but at least I managed to publish it and I am happy about it. The whole experience was thrilling! Thanks a lot for your lovely wordsπŸ˜€


  2. Shivangi, I waited to give you my feedback till I read it to my 6 year old daughter. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed your book.She is exactly like the princess who loves chocolates and ignores vegetables. So, when I read your story, she quickly correlated to that story. She doesn’t like vegetables and fruits and so she said the ending could be something like ‘the princess got married and told her kids to eat vegetables’. πŸ˜€

    Jokes apart, I loved your book. Simple story, cute illustrations and a perfect ending. However I felt some sentences could have been shorter so that they can be read easily by children. Apart from that your book is wonderful. Wish you a tremendous success with this book. I can already visualize the book making its way into school libraries !

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    1. Jahnavi that is so kind of you… Such a sweet review and gestureπŸ˜€. Your feedback is tremendously appreciated. I can’t thank you enough for your sweet gesture. As for school libraries dear, I don’t know how to further publicise the book and how to go about it. Due to my immigration status I could not publish it on Kindle and that was a huge set back. But for now, I can only tell you that you have made my day! Lots of love to your little princess😘

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