Everyday Sights of India!

Dear Confidant,

Hope you’ve been well and healthy. My recent visit to home country India was  memorable one. The familiar sights, sounds and feel of my motherland was warm and welcoming.

I miss the beloved land now that I am away from it.

I have captured a few of the everyday moments for you to get a feel of my country. I also wish that these pictures enable me to feel connected to my country whenever I am homesick. I mostly stayed in North India and here are some of my clicks.

A little garland seller at a traffic signal in Delhi.

Sight of historical monument in the midst of the bustling capital city.

The yellow green autorickshaw – most convenient mode of public transport across urban places in India.

A fruit seller and a prospective buyer.

A flower seller waiting for customers in Delhi.

Double rainbow in Ranchi. The capital of Jharkhand has lovely climate.

A picturesque hill in Ranchi. 

Famous temple of God Hanuman in Patna filled with devotees.

Common people on their way to work.

Freshly plucked mangoes of our home! Since, it is the season of mangoes, our innumerable variety of mango trees are laden with mouth watering mangoes.

Saw an elephant in Patna. It is the holy month of Saawan and Lord Shiva would be worshipped the entire month. Ascetics roam about on Elephants asking for offerings.

Goddess Kali at a famous temple in Patna.

Hope you liked the pictures!
This visit to my country had been fruitful one as I managed to meet most of my relatives and friends. It was so heart warming to see them all.

As I unpack my boxes, I am already hoping that our next visit happens sometime soon.

Do let me know what do you think of Everyday Sights of India! Take care!

48 thoughts on “Everyday Sights of India!

  1. I hope you ate sufficient number of samosas, gol- gappas, jalebies….!!

    Sure we get these everywhere but that local flavor is always missing. I miss that here in South India.

    Good for you. God bless you and your family Madam !!

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  2. Lovely photos, it looks so different from the UK. (For a start it’s not raining!)

    I recently read “The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra” which was set in India, and now I know what an autorickshaw looks like 🙂

    Thanks for sharing these photos of your home country!

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          1. sherinsk

            🙂 🙂 🙂
            shivangi if you can understand,i quit that customer care job.I had my own reasons to do that.Now attending interviews.
            you see life is like a box of chocolates 🙂

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  3. So you had a nice trip to India and were busy touring here.
    That is why your absence in my blog.
    Do come read and share.
    I am always looking forward for some of my ardent readers to come and show up.
    Shivangi! have you gone back.

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    1. Hi Shiva… Have been busy since my return to bring life back to normalcy. I am also planning to be a little absent from virtual world as I have started a few new things. But I love to read your works so will read them whenever I am able to. Thank you for asking and writing. Happy writing to you😀

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  4. A wonderful post, and it’s good to know you had such a fabulous time. I can imagine how hard it is for you to leave your country behind. Your photos really show the colour and vibrancy I always associate with India.

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