When I lied about something…

 ( A chit chat with Him)

Recently, I lied about something to escape an uncomfortable situation. It was a small lie… did not hurt anyone nor did it bring any major benefits to me. I just escaped a situation. But a lie it was!
My heart felt a little heavy. So, I thought of talking to Him and asked – Will you forgive me for my tiny sin? 

He said – It is important that you forgive yourself. I love you the way I have always loved you. It is you who have to take care of your Self.

I defended myself – I have not done wrong to anyone. I just protected myself with the help of that lie.

There was no answer from Him. 

I nudged Him again –  Is a lie wrong in all its forms?

Thankfully, He answered – if your heart is light nothing is wrong, if your heart feels heavy. You have done some damage to it. Remember, every sin sickens your conscience and weakens your Self. You get weakened over time. It has nothing to do with Good or Bad, Right or Wrong. It affects your Self. There is no external force keeping a check over you, it is your Self, who is the witness to all that you do. I am and will always be with you until you throw me out of your heart.

I asked further – And how sick is my heart?

He answered – You are a better judge! Just remember that as long as you feel the heaviness after committing a ‘sin’, I am around. With time, people learn to ignore the heaviness. They start believing in deception. Deception makes life easier but  with time, you will be disconnected with your Self. I make life heavier but I connect you to your Self. 

I said – Is that all you do, mighty God? You just connect me to my Self?

He laughed – Yes, that is all I do. Rest, is all your own doing. You create your own paradise and hell. And remember, try never to alienate the ‘self’ witness, the moment that connection breaks, life may seem easy but you would be lost forever. 

I asked –  But how do I heal the heaviness in my heart?

He said – By admitting that it was a fault and resolving to tell the truth. Damage control is important. 

I asked – And why do I need You as a mediator between me and my self?

He smiled – It is your choice. Establish a connection with your Self and you will not need me. I and your Self are no different. I am just on a large scale. Presently, you need me because you have been taught to listen and pray to me, all your life.

I said – Well,  much ado over a small lie! You certainly look a little less dreadful to me, now that I know that you do not punish  people or send them to hell.

He laughed.

I said –  Okay, I think I will not repeat that lie again to strengthen my Self. I find it funny to realise that my life is all about my Self. This Self creates heaven, it creates hell! And poor religious fundamentalists, they have been fighting and killing for You. 

He said – I know. They are the lost ones…

I said – So, will you always be around no matter what I do…?

He said – Yes, I will always be around as long as you don’t start avoiding me. I do not avoid people, they avoid me!

I simply said – Alright, that means, I will have to stay clean, so that I don’t avoid you.

He smiled – Yes, my dear!

I smiled.

16 thoughts on “When I lied about something…

  1. wonderful talk between soul and spirit!! at times in life we end up telling a lie or hurt some one, realise it after long and then you cant even apologise as the people are not to be found to do so. u live with heavy heart … always

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    1. You understand it really well… Thank you for your lovely comment. Yes, I would not want to trade His warm all- enveloping presence in exchange for worldly deception. Thanks a lot, Jacqueline!

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  2. A great piece of writing, Shivangi. I like the way the conversation played out … the way you presented the reasoning. Once we set off on the road of lies and deception, it is very hard to leave it. πŸ™‚

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  3. sherinsk

    Vattanalle?(Search google for the meaning of this malayalam word πŸ™‚ )
    Shivangi i need a help.The other day i went for a bpo interview.They throw me out in the first round saying i am not fluent in my english speaking.writing and speaking are two different things right?what can i do to improve my english speaking?/(Talk to a mirror?)

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    1. Does it have to do with friends? Your writing is really good. You just need to watch english movies… Try to make fake calls to bpos just for the sake of talking in english ( may be a silly idea) and best of all talk to a mirror as if you are giving a speech. Do it for one month for one hour regularly and surely you will get through:)

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