Birju’s Misadventure!


Birju watched his three friends climb after him as he stopped to catch his breath. Happily, he whistled at the thought of going home that night.

Six months back, he had travelled a long distance from his village in Bihar to Jaipur to look for employment. Luckily, he had got renovating work at this historical site.

He knew things had not been well at home. Their house roof was leaking and his father was in deep debt. They needed money urgently.

He felt the sling pouch tied around his waist and couldn’t resist the temptation to feel his hard earned cash once again. His folks would be proud of him, he thought as he took out a few notes to have a look.

But before he knew, the notes slipped from his fingers and flew away with the wind. He almost jumped…!!! His friends yelled at his stupidity!

He tried to pull himself together. But stubborn tears kept falling from his eyes as he climbed down in search of the dear, dear notes…!

This is my entry to the flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by the lovely Priceless Joy. We are given a photo prompt and approximately 75-175 words with which to create our stories. This challenge is open to all who would like to participate. For more information, please CLICK HERE

33 thoughts on “Birju’s Misadventure!

  1. Birju had the right idea about saving his money to help his father but he had to admire his money which caused him to lose it. That is sad! I hope he was able to find his wind blown money once he got off the scaffolding. That sure is a good lesson he learned. Great story, Shivangi! Thank you for the kind words. 🙂

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  2. mandibelle16

    Poor Birju. I feel so bad that he lost his money when he was saving it for his family who really needed it. Hopefully, he can collect the bills and find a safer place to keep his cash. Great job!

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  3. It’s terrible that his money got carried away with the wind, but hopefully he is able to get it back or at least some of it! He learned a lesson the hard way….keep the money in his pocket when he is working, but I can understand how pleased he was to have made some to send back home. Wonderful story.

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    1. Thanks a ton for your sweet words. He was proud of his little treasure and he couldn’t resist the temptation to admire it… But as luck would have it.. It turned out to be a misadventure. Thanks a lot for the great comment:)

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  4. It seems to me, there’s a time and place for everything. Half way up the scaffolding wasn’t the best place for Birju to admire his earnings, no matter how hard he’d worked for it. A good lesson here, Shivangi. 🙂

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