‘I Love You’ in the Snow

  What a lovely morning! Yesterday’s snow blizzard has left the world around me covered in a sheet of soft snow. It is a sunny day today and sunlight is gently alighting on the snow, giving it a sweet golden glow. 

Have you ever noticed? The sun and snow make a gorgeous, passionate couple. But their romance is always shortlived as they are extremes. They refuse to compromise and live together, respecting each other’s identity. I know, sooner or later, either sun will make the snow melt into oblivion or a snow storm will overpower the warmth of the sun. But for now, they look angelic together!

 As I slide the blinds of our little window, to admire this shortlived romance, something catches my eye. A big ‘I Love You’ on the snow carpeted ground takes me by surprise. Perhaps, last night or early this morning, someone braved the cold to engrave that for his or her beloved. It looks sweet and reminds me of sunny, sugary, youthful romance.

It is the month of February and Valentine’s day is nearing. Love is in the air and now engraved on the ground. Ah! I inhale the purity of love! 

 After a while, I want to play Sherlock and find out the lovers involved in this wonderful display of love. The footmarks around the engraved letters ‘I love you’ seems to be that of a man. The lover has written it hastily to surprise her. I keep a watch and wait for the beloved to arrive there. No one comes! Perhaps, she has seen that through her window. “Who is the lucky girl?”, I wonder!

Since a college is nearby, there are a lot of college-goers in our apartment. And such love extravaganza can only be expected from someone in his 20s. I make a few guesses and keep looking out at intervals.

My mind wanders back to the romance of sun and snow. Unearthly, sublime, stunning! But so shortlived! 

Love was dreaded and considered a frivolous word when I was growing up in a conservative set up. I never wanted anything to do with Love. I loved my books and the characters in it. That was it. Gradually, I learned to be comfortable around the four letter word. Lo and behold, now, I enjoy observing it!

I take my seat by the window to play Sherlock again. I wish this lover and his beloved have a life like the sun and snow but not short lived rather everlasting. I hope they respect each other’s individuality and not try to win against each other.

The glorious glow of love seems to be everywhere at this time of the year. My watch is on…hope the mystery lovers show up!

( This is based on a true incident. All pictures are mine except for the first one, ie, courtesy Google.)

22 thoughts on “‘I Love You’ in the Snow

    1. Hahaha… Thank you Lata. No, if It were for me, it would be written horizontally in front of my window. Plus my hubby is not the mushy sort. I thought but never entertained that thought😀. Thanks a lot for coming over😀

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    1. Hahha.. No chance PJ..But thank you for hoping that. First, my husband is a loving person but he gets embarrassed if affection is shown in public. Secondly, I caught sight of a man creating something on the ground in the evening. He is probably one of the love birds! Thanks a ton for the visit😀


  1. I did Love the way you made Sun and the Snow getting married or they are short lived Lovers.
    As you know we don’t get to see any snow here in India in our part -Karnataka.
    As for the writing on the snow; why are you restricting the act to the 20s only.
    Love has no barriers isn’t? 😉

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    1. Hahaha yes Shiva but as they say, only youth below the age of 25 make excellent love poet similarly such display of love is expected only from the very young. But it is strictly my opinion, Shiva. Thanks a lot for paying a visit😀

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  2. A beautiful post, with lovely descriptions. I really like the way you describe the ephemeral relationship between the sun and the snow. That is lovely! And the way you set yourself up to play Sherlock made me smille. I hope you had your magnifying glass with you.

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