Random sketches of the eye!

  When I was a little girl, I used to love sketching. I drew faces and figures all over my copies and books. I would often get frowns from my parents and teachers but it would never deter me.

My aunt is a lovely artist and I drew inspiration from her works. Even my sisters loved to draw figures and landscapes but I primarily focussed on the face, specifically the eye!

These days I hardly paint because colours demand a lot of time and effort. And also because I don’t want my kids to get supercreative and make artworks all over the house. But I do sketch a lot whenever inspiration strikes me.

Today, I felt like sketching the eye and I drew some random sketches in about fifteen minutes.

Here are the pictures…hope you will like them😀

And finally, a sketch of Krishna, I made recently. 


20 thoughts on “Random sketches of the eye!

  1. Shivangi!
    I was about to go to bed, saw your likes and the comment felt so good. Thank you.
    I am using my Smart phone usually I don’t use it for my blog see your comment went to thrash I am feeling so bad. I pressed something it happened.
    This evening I was on my blog all set to comment on your so. many posts but the net hath de diya re.
    I shall come there again. Ok.

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