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“My favourite book is the ‘Ongoing Story of my Life’ being written by my favourite author – ‘God’. I don’t know what the twists and turns will be but there is one thing I surely know – Since my story is in His hands, all will be well!”

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17 thoughts on “Just a Thought!

  1. sherinsk

    shivangi madam to aap kehna chahte he ki sab ka story wo nahi likthe,ya hum kal ye sin karega usko malum he,na he has given us all freewill and it might be that what we consider as great thins here,might be silly for god 🙂

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    1. Sabki likhta hai… Here I am talking just about myself. If I am talking about my favourite author then obviously I will talk about Him and me. I surrender all my sins, all my virtues to him… He will take care of everything and all good and bad aspects of my life.

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      1. sherinsk

        There is suffering in the world which if god wants he can stop.There might be a reason known to him why he allow the bad things to happen.
        what i believe is pray to god say like today i am going to do this,if it is good give it to me otherwise ok.
        There are only few fellow blogers i take the freedom to argue or debate and all.one is you.That is why and please don’t feel bad ok?

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  2. sherinsk

    Is age 4 the correct time to send kids school?i mean at the age of 2 or 3 sending them to nursery or preschool or kindergarten will do them any good?As a mother what is your opinion?

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