Can’t we help Syrians?

Please leave the kids alone… away from all negative emotions…away from war, destruction and violence. This touching post is from one of my favourite blogs – Have a look!

Mustard Seed Budget

syrian girlFour-year-old Adi Hudea mistook a photographer’s camera for a gun and immediately surrendered. Her childhood has been stolen by the horrors of war. Her innocence marred by daily scenes of death. She doesn’t know how to play, only to fear for her life.

We must help the Syrians. This, to me, trumps concerns about terrorists sneaking into our borders. The love of Christ must overpower fear for our own well-being, convenience and personal luxury. Christians must not be reactionary but pro-active with prayer, evangelism and, above all, the love of God towards hurting millions around the world.

This sweet but terrified girl was photographed by Turkish photographer Osman Sagirli last December at a refugee camp on the Syrian-Turkish border.

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5 thoughts on “Can’t we help Syrians?

  1. The Arab countries specially the rich Gulf states own 1/3 of world wealth yet they don’t want to help these Syrian refugees.These Who call themselves Muslims refusing to take their own brothers the Syrian Muslims in.,despite having the vast cities.But these rich Arabs wast one billion dollars on human trafficking .Every Arab Sheikh own 20 luxurious castles.

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