Some Words of Encouragement….

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Writing and other forms of suffering


Years and years and years ago, when I could still be considered a young man, my wife and I moved from California to Washington State so I could go to graduate school. One of my good friends in California gave me a going-away present. She was also an aspiring writer, and we briefly collaborated on some stories. Her gift was a handmade poster with encouraging quotes from notable authors about writing– frankly, one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. It was entitled “Some Words of Encouragement”, and it hung on the wall of most of my work-areas for the next decade. Eventually, however, we moved into a house with severe space issues, so it was stored away.

This weekend I started clearing our garage, possibly in preparation to sell that same space-challenged house, and I found the poster. It brought back good memories, but more than that…

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2 thoughts on “Some Words of Encouragement….

    1. It is a huge honour Shiva, I cannot thank you enough for it. I am grateful that you considered me for this…I am so very thankful. However, time constraints would not allow me to write a post on this. But if I manage, I will surely write something. Thanks a lot Shiva…blessings always.


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