The eye that can see right through you!


I see absolutely everything. Even you, dear reader, I see you as clearly as you see me. I am not just a usual picture prompt for a story idea. I am real!

Come, look deep into my eye, and you will know all about yourself. You will be able to see where and what went wrong or right in your life and more – the little secrets that you have been hiding deep within you.

You will see yourself in all your nakedness. Yes, it will take guts to see yourself in that ‘undiluted form of truth’…so different from what others or even you think of yourself!

For, I am the eye of conscience. Nothing can escape me! Not even a little detail.

To look or not to look, it’s always your choice. But believe me, your life will be much straighter if you dare to see!

This story is a part of the wonderful ‘Mondays Finish The Story Challenge’ by Barbara Beacham. She provides us with a photo prompt, the first sentence, and approximately 150 words with which we are to use to write our story. To take up the challenge click hereMFtS

36 thoughts on “The eye that can see right through you!

  1. There’s something epic about this story. The grandness of it. It actually reminds me of Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings (when Frodo looks into the Mirror of Galadirel – there’s even an all seeing eye :-)), and that is one of my favourite books, so I don’t need to tell you I really liked your story!

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  2. “The eye that can see right through you!”
    Very well told about this eye.
    If one makes the external eye to about turn,only then that eye can be seen. Isn’t ?
    Won’t you see something interesting for you in my blog lately.
    Fondest Regards,

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