Allergic to E Challenge

I’ve been nominated to take part in the Allergic to ‘E’ Challenge by The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you very much for the nomination. I couldn’t resist taking part…

Here are the Rules:
1) Write a whole paragraph ( a paragraph sounds easy right?) without any word containing the letter “e” (still easy?)
2) By reading this you are already signed up.

3) Challenge at least five bloggers to do the challenge. They must do it within 24 hours or it is considered as failure.

4) If you fail or pass, suffer in the Page of Lame.

5) If you win, wallow in the Page of Fame.

6) Link to the Allergic to ‘E’ Challenge page.

Please read my entry here: 

A Letter to E


It is sad but I will shun you for this post. I am sorry. I know my works can amount to nothing without you but I got to do this. I took up this task and I stand by it. 

You know, I cannot say anything without you. You stand at 2 in your gang of 5 but you stand out.

Truthfully, scribbling any word without you is a trauma. I want you back,Now!



My nominations are whomsoever reading this entry. Are you ready for the challenge? 

A Drop of Tear!


“At first, it looked like an ordinary marble, but it was far from it.” The vagabond looked at it closely. He had not seen anything like it in the whole wide world. It looked so delicate and fragile on the ground.

The vagabond had returned home after years of travelling…wiser but poorer. He needed money and perhaps, he had hit the jackpot on finding the stone. He was sure that the beauty could fetch him big bucks! But what kind of treasure was it exactly?

A deep heart-breaking sigh startled him. It was coming from the stone and made him feel wretched. He closed his eyes and knew it in his heart. It was a huge tear drop of a heart broken person!

The vagabond did not have the heart to sell it…instead he went to the temple and placed it with the Gods.

This story is a part of the wonderful ‘Mondays Finish The Story Challenge’ by Barbara Beacham. She provides us with a photo prompt, the first sentence, and approximately 150 words with which we are to use to write our story. To take up the challenge click here: Mondays Finish the Story.