Thank You: A Letter to You



Cheers! This is to you who is reading the post. Just the fact that you are reading this, makes me feel, so immensely and profoundly grateful to you. There is a feeling of abundance in me and I am very happy for being read and appreciated. Hope you receive my feeling of gratitude in the same proportion that I experience it.

I started blogging at the end of January 2015 and the journey so far has been exhilarating, incredible and uplifting entirely because of you.

This post is to say thank you to all my readers who read me, liked me, commented on my posts, corrected me, advised me, motivated me, encouraged me and even criticised me. The immediate cause of this write up to acknowledge the awards extended to me by fellow blogger friends, who appreciated my efforts in the form of award nominations.

I am indebted to:

Vagabond Velda for Liebster Award (
Nimi Naren for Liebster Award (
Millie Thom for Liebster Award x 2 (
Nimi Naren for The Premio Dardos Award ((
Ritu for The Creative Blogger Award (

I am sorry, commitments at hand do not allow me to have the time require to follow the rules but coming from these avid blogger friends, the awards mean so much to me. The wonderful posts of the inimitable Vagabond Velda, the heart warming prose of Nimi Naren, the informative works of Millie Thom and the endearing blogs of Ritu are worth reading and following.

I must also take this opportunity to say a big thank you to my husband, family and friends (especially Vijay, Bhuvana and Deepak), who initiated me into the world of personal blogging. And then there are my talented blogging friends ( Barbara Beacham, Priceless Joy, Johnyeo, Olden Gray, Drailman, Yarnspinerr, Surindranath ji, Davendrak, Miniscrypt and many others) plus my social media friends, who keep me going.

Last but not the least, I am whole heartedly thankful to you – Dear reader. It is because of you that I write!

16 thoughts on “Thank You: A Letter to You

  1. What a lovely thing to do, Shivangi. I am deeply touched that you have thanked me and fellow bloggers in this heartfelt way. Writing award posts is definitely time consuming, so it’s a question of fitting them in whenever you are able. There’s no time limit, as far as I know. You have done incredibly well to have so may nominations in such a short time of blogging. Your posts are always a pleasure to read. πŸ™‚

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  2. Sweet young Shivangi! What a beautiful expression to so many of your wonderful friends! Two of your special mentions are also wonderful people which I follow and am proud that they also follow OldenGray.

    You and I connected through super author: Millie Thom. A brilliant author/writer, and, if not for you, I may not have been so privileged to have made Millie’s internet acquaintance. Millie is a beautiful soul and an amazing writer. I can back that up as I am reading the first of Millie’s books and have book 2 already waiting. But that is not the only way I back that up. I often sneak peeks at comments between Millie and you. They are so endearing, like a good mother to a good daughter. You both treat each other with so much respect that it is sometimes as beautiful to read the comments back and forth, as they always beam with pride, as it is to read both of your writings! That was what brought me to your site!

    I am also very proud to know that you too have Ritu on your special mention list as she is one that always brings a ray of sunshine into so many people’s lives, every day. How Ritu finds the time to stay so connected, I will never know! Some days it seems that Ritu is wearing no less than six or seven hats in her many formats. I won’t talk about her cat here because that is likely the most avid cat blogger, in the world, and the cat was not on your list :o) I’ve mentioned before that Ritu’s students will always remember, “That Lady Teacher” as she seems to bring out the respect that she deserves, in each student. We could use more like Ritu, in North America!

    You have other mentions of great people listed of which I do not know. I will make every effort to check out the good people you mentioned, especially knowing they are super hero’s of yours. CONGRATULATIONS to all those mentioned by young Shivangi! You must all have something special to offer and have been mentioned by one of the kindest young people, across the internet!

    And, of course, last but not least, “Shivangi”. This young woman is an amazing young lady who blesses those who are lucky enough to have found her blog. Her follower list is growing all the time and eventually she will achieve such grand heights that we will all be able to say, “We knew Shavangi when she just started out. As a matter of fact, Shivangi started almost the same day as OldenGray. I wonder why our hair color is so different? Hmmmm…

    You write from the heart young lady and that comes through each time you post such wonderful words online. Thank goodness on slow days, you can always talk about that evil meat eater sister (former vegetarian) of yours. Of course, I know that you love her dearly, or you would not openly talk about her, behind her back .o) ouch…my eye…

    That is about all I have to say, except, thank your for the special mention for OldenGray, another one of your avid followers. That old fellow loves to read your works as they are entertaining and heart warming. Take care young lady, and keep those special words coming our way. People come here because you are “Shivangi” and Shivangi has so many good, positive things to talk about.
    Alan McDonald (OldenGray) :o)

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    1. I don’t have words. I am too overwhelmed Sir. All I can say is I am thankful to God that He connected me to you. May you inspire other new bloggers like me and keep them going. You are an exceptional writer …And I am always looking up to you for your guidance. Thank you.

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