7 thoughts on “Praying for Nepal Quake Victims

  1. sherinsk

    dekho guzza math hona ok?i am trying very hard to write in hindi as i am from south india (kerala) and we speak malayalam here ok?
    Including my god jesus hamare kitne bhagvans he?Lekin logonko bachane ke siva sab kaha gayab hogaya when this disaster happened?why couldn’t they stop such disasters from happening?

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    1. If God keeps saving people will not die… Death is inevitable, the only thing important is we do our bit in life. The larger picture has already been outlined, we just need to fill colours in it. Our reaction to incidents are in our hands…nothing else😀


      1. sherinsk

        It just don’t feel right from god to give someone a life span of 10 and another person 80.maybe god won’t play dice.so the better explanation is some genes are more prone to dangerous diseases and some people just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.That makes bit more sense right?

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