The Stone Face


The neighbors were not happy about my choice of yard art. Neither was I but I couldn’t do anything about it.

Last month, we bought this secluded old charming house. We enjoyed furnishing it with antiques and furnitures.

All was well until the day I thought of gardening. I was digging when my spade hit something. I found this huge wild art of a Red Indian with a Buffalo! We got people to pull that off the ground.

The statues stayed rooted at our backyard. No one liked it.

Yesterday, We tried to get it removed with the help of authorities but the thing wouldn’t budge. Exasperated, I tried to hammer the Red Indian’s head. I’ve had too much!

But that was a mistake again!

Last night, the Statue walked to my door, knocked, grinned and returned my hammer…

This story is a part of Mondays a Finish the Challenge by Barbara Beacham.  The photo and opening line is provided. The store needs to be finished in about 150 lines. To take the challenge, please click here:

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