Tell Me The Story!

It is time again for Mondays Finish the Story challenge by Barbara Beacham. Here is the picture prompt and the link:


“When the team heard the dam explode, they knew they had limited time to make it to safety.” PAUSE!!! The baby hit the pause button on the remote, so, the film stopped.

I tried to take it from him but too late…he had dropped it behind the heavy sofa. I sighed and he gurgled.

Squatting on all fours, I tried my best to retrieve the elusive remote…my mind still on the thriller. I wished the team could make it to the shore..Or the hero’s family would be shattered.

Somehow, I retrieved the remote but the TV had auto switched off. I wanted to restart but the baby had a messy diaper and he started wailing. The stupid part was I didn’t remember the name of the film or the channel.

The film was no longer there on any channel when I switched on the TV. I missed the exciting film. But, I am sure, you readers might have some ideas..why don’t you tell me what happened next to the rowers?

27 thoughts on “Tell Me The Story!

  1. What happened next was they were hit by the water from the dam, and made it through, only to find themselves facing the challenge of going over the waterfall. 🙂 Well done Shivangi! Thanks again for participating the MFtS challenge! I look forward to what you come up with next week… Be well… ^..^

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  2. Naughty baby 🙂

    What happens next, you ask? They safely reached the bank and were busy patting themselves on the back when they were all killed in a freak meteorite accident. It was all very sad yet darkly humorous. The film was called “What’re the Odds?”, I believe. 🙂

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  3. The joys of parenthood! What happened next is that they made it through the rapids only to find the people who set the explosives waiting for them at the dock. They’re all taken hostage but use their wits to free themselves and alert the police as to the location of the villains. After some incredible heroics they end in the arms of their beloveds. 🙂

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  4. I think that the surge pushes the raft off the edge of the earth where the monsters dwell. The rafters befriend the monsters who share great wealth with them. Each rower has different values – some receive gold, some health, some love, etc.

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  5. Not a good day for your TV viewing, it seems, Shivangi! Oh dear … babies! I should have learned my lesson long before I had Number 6! I suppose if you’re in a bad mood after missing the film. you could write a seriously awful ending and kill them all off! Or you could just pop over and borrow Thor for a while from Surfing Publications story. Thor’s good at saving people. Haha! 🙂

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  6. Next they wake up and decide that babies are wonderful ~ Rapids are fast and dangerous ~ Story telling belongs to Father Christmas ~ A lovely unique fun take on the prompt, Shivangi
    Well written 🙂

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