Why Breast Feeding is A Miracle!

I have been reading a lot of articles on blog sites…some good, some excellent and a few I would like to put in ‘must read’ category. Adel Landman’s blog is in the must read category for new mums – http://paddastoel.wordpress.com/2015/03/06/why-the-men-in-your-family-dont-want-you-to-breast-feed-and-how-to-do-it-anyway/.

It is a detailed analysis on breast-feeding…it will be a great help for new mothers and mums-to-be to study the same. I really appreciate Adel for publishing the article as it has some invaluable information.

I commented on her article that breast feeding is not only good for the infant but also for the new mother. I have breast-fed my older one and currently feeding my baby. It has been a wonderful experience for me. It makes me feel so much closer to my baby. After the birth of my child, when I used to feel emotionally and physically drained, feeding my child not only nourished my little one but also strengthened me.

Breast feeding is a two-way process. It is mutually beneficial for the mother and the child. I think the breast feeding takes away depressive thoughts, it makes the moms happier and I think, prettier:).

So, be encouraged to feed your child. It is quite harrowing in the beginning but a miracle after you get comfortable! I hope everyone manages to enjoy this beautiful aspect of motherhood.

Thank you Adel for addressing this great topic. Looking forward to reading more on your site 🙂

23 thoughts on “Why Breast Feeding is A Miracle!

  1. A happy mother usually leads to a happy baby. Breast milk is specifically designed for YOUR baby – making it the perfect first food for humans. Cow’s milk, on the other hand, is designed for baby cows; goat’s milk for baby goats; and formula for corporate profits. There’s nothing terribly wrong with formula, particularly if breastfeeding is making mom and baby miserable. Unfortunately, that can be the case – but I’d hope most new mothers would at least try, with an open mind.

    It also helps the mother to get her flat tummy back after pregnancy, and to avoid having periods for a while. Extended breastfeeding is a fairly good (not 100% reliable!!) method of natural contraception, allowing a woman’s body time to heal and make ready for the next pregnancy, if she intends to have more children.

    A good father should not object to sharing the mother’s breasts with his child; that is their primary and most natural function. (In fact, I’m not sure they’d have as much allure to men if they weren’t associated, deep in the brain, with nourishment and nurture.)

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    1. There is nothing terribly wrong with formula, indeed 🙂
      The problem is the new “speciality” formulas (especially lactose free variants). Because of the triple-priced tag, we all think that it must be so much better, while in truth, it must be used with extreme caution and only if advised by your doctor / paediatrician.
      Breast feeding does not come naturally or easily to all new mommies – and with more and more moms having to go back to work only three months after giving birth, it is actually quite understandable that many choose to forgo breast feeding altogether. However, there are (perhaps just as) many mommies who would like to breast feed, but are having trouble doing so, so the original article was meant as a trouble-shooting guide. Shivangi tackled the emotional and physical benefit for mommies, for which I am grateful.


      1. I managed extended breastfeeding after returning to work; a really GOOD pump (mine was Medela) can be a great help in that regard – and is maybe a better investment than pricey formula, unless, as you say, a doctor has good reason to recommend the formula.

        But from an emotional standpoint, nursing doesn’t work for every mom. Unfortunately, some are made to feel inadequate from the start (I’d have been one, had my son been my first, rather than second, child – the night after he was born the nurses called to ask if they could give him formula or sugar water, because he was “inconsolable.” Idiots never thought to try shielding his eyes from the nursery lights so he could sleep, and we were both thrilled to go home the following day.)

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        1. I did express for a few months, but found I started in a new building where there was absolutely NO private place to pump (except if I was willing to pump in a toilet stall – as you can imagine, I considered this unhygienic at best, so I didn’t). I used an electric double Lansinoh and I often got 210 ml per breast from a 15 minute session. Thing is, I needed to be relaxed and very well hydrated. Our work environment simply did not allow for that. I suppose a great deal of this depends on your individual employer?

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          1. Yes, but here I believe employers are required to provide a clean, private space for nursing moms to express milk while on break. I had an office with a door, a supportive manager, and supportive coworkers, at the time – that definitely helped!

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            1. I’m not sure where you live? Here, we have the same law. Actually, it provides for paid time off to express if your baby is less than six months old (so basically, for the first three months after you have returned to work), but there is a very large gap between what is required and what you actually get… Especially with the proliferation of open plan offices. Even in the “closed” offices, there were no blinds.


  2. There were a couple stories on breastfeeding in public on our news over the last couple days. I think that if we want women to breastfeed as it is healthier for mom and baby then we should be okay with breastfeeding in public. It isn’t an obscene thing it is feeding a child. Thank you for your posts.

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  5. Please view the updated article. I have made a quick edit. 😉
    I feel honoured that you chose my article and I’m really glad that you are helping to promote breast feeding.
    It is a great experience for mommies too, not just for the babies.
    Breast feeding doesn’t come easy or naturally to all women, so I hope that the information will help them to overcome small challenges which may prevent them from enjoying such a great experience.


  6. I really like that you are drawing attention to breastfeeding. It is so incredibly important and so worth it. I am doing extended breastfeeding and I did it with my first as well. While many women don’t choose the same road as I do, I hope talking about it encourages other mamas to consider it and know they are not alone.

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