The Blue Being

‘The Blue Being’ is a part of Monday Finish the Story Challenge by Barbara Beacham. Here is the link:

The story starts with – “On March 9th, 2015, three objects were reportedly seen in the skies over the Borracho Todos los Tiempos Vineyards.” He looked intently at the Earth TV for a while and laughed.

How much he loved those adventurous visits to Earth. And the subsequent silly news features and speculations on UFOs… But not one was close to reality! The stolen wine was quite good though, he chuckled.

They were far more advanced than any other planet in the world. The Earth was beautiful but the human race was killing it. The Mars men were remarkable warriors, the Venus queens were a fiery lot…but theirs was far superior. However, they chose to remain unknown to others.

The ‘Blue Being’ knew that they would be in trouble if the President finds about his escapades. But he shrugged as he got up from the lounge bed, his huge blue body filling the luxurious room. He flapped his wings in the Sun and messaged his friends through his personal floating cloud…”the White House next”.

17 thoughts on “The Blue Being

  1. It made me realize that we may look different from other life forms but we all have the need to communicate and have pretty much the same emotions. Good story, I really enjoyed reading it!


  2. The ‘Blue Being’ seems addicted to his visits to Earth, wreaking havoc and having a whole lot ot fun! He’s certainly got a mischievous streak. He’ll just have to hope the President doesn’t find out. An enjoyable story, Shivangi. 🙂

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