Five Funny Ways To Fight Insomnia

I love sleeping blissfully. But there are times when sleep completely eludes me. I try everything from counting sheeps to watching boring films…but nothing helps. So, on one of those sleepless nights, I have come up with five sure shot ways to snooze off. You can try it out too…here you go:

Pressing legs: It is unbelievably good! I am not talking about pressing your own but your partner’s or your parent’s leg (if you are single). The monotony of pressing and massaging someone else’s feet is so profound that one can’t help falling asleep. I am not kidding, it really works and your goodwill with your partner will also be restored:)

Sleeping on the edge: I have tried this and it really works. Try sleeping on the edge of the bed with your one hand and feet dangling and almost touching the floor. Just hang in there as if you are on a swing…and in no time you will doze off. You may fall off the bed but ‘sleeping on the edge’ comes with some side-effects!!!

Chant mantras: When nothing helps…try chanting any mantra 108 times…concentrate, close your eyes, remember god and chant the same line over and over again. Your mind will surely wander, bring it back again to the mantra and count…

Yaaaaawn: Yawning is contagious, just the thought of it makes you yaaaawn! You might be yawning just by reading this. I think, yawning is very easy and effective way to sleep. Just try to yawn as much as you can…and one of your big yaaaawns may put you to sleep:)

Co-sleep with kids: Well,you may have to fight for your little space in the crowded bed, but co-sleeping is wonderful. The gentle breath of your kid, the divine smile, the soft touch and the sense of togetherness makes you fall asleep in no time. But again if your kid is a restless sleeper get ready to be punched in your sleep.

Well, if nothing works and you can’t sleep at all, don’t worry! You can still do wonders. Why don’t you start off by blogging some silly stuff at 2.00 am like I just did!!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Five Funny Ways To Fight Insomnia

  1. 🙂
    It’s okay to be night owls, I just wrote a post on Night Owls”. I am one who never ever gets sleepy. Only A prescription to sleep works for me. I wish I could get sleepy – I’ll try the edge of the bed idea 🙂 thanks


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