Last Letter from a Complete Loser


Dear S,

I know you would look at this letter too with disgust. But before you trash it just let me tell you that your father loves you a lot. I know I lost you after your childhood…you were my friend when you were a kid. Then you grew up and distanced yourself from me. You were somewhat right in thinking that I was a childish, idealistic loser. Yes, I have always been that…I regret not giving you adequate backing ever. You always had to struggle in life. I couldn’t even give you a decent education.

The other day, I really felt horrible when one of your friends told me that you are in urgent need of money. I felt helpless and broken! Well, you will think that I am rambling some nonsensical stuff…but be patient with your father.

Something has happened that needs to be confessed here. Please bear with me. When I heard about your financial crisis, I went and bought a lottery ticket on an impulse. You will find the lottery ticket enclosed in the envelope. But there is something else I need to tell you. Try not to be mad at me…

The day the lottery results were supposed to be out, I was very positive about winning. I was planning I would surprise you by gifting all the money. But as I walked towards the store, I witnessed an accident. A young man…about your age..was lying in a pool of blood. It was so shocking! It was as if you were dying…and then I bargained with God. Yes, the same kind of bargain with God…that I have done throughout my life…for which you have always hated me.

I said, “God, I give all my luck to this unfortunate young man. I swear I will not redeem the ticket even if I win it. Just save this young man here,”

I must add that it was stupid of me to bargain like that…but regretfully I did. The young man thankfully revived. I won a huge amount but I just couldn’t redeem the ticket. You see, I have never broken my promises with God!

I know how much you need this money …you don’t have a job right now and you have a family to look after.

So, after a lot of thinking I have thought of breaking my promise with God. I will let you redeem the ticket but I will do penance for it in my own way. It is hard for me to break my promise with God…and I know my God would forgive me as He has forgiven all my sins…but I will be restless in my heart if I don’t pay for breaking my vow.

Your mother is no longer with us but I think she would approve whatever I am going to do. Do take care of your brother A as you have always done…he must have received my last letter to him by now.

You will no longer find me on my last address..but you will find some memories, some belongings and love there. One last request..try not to tell my grand children that I was a loser!

May god bless you all!
With love,

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