Forrest Gump and More Films

This winter I have been biting, chewing and savouring all kinds of English Films. There is no better way to beat the savage cold in Minnesota. I have always loved Hindi Films, but all thanks to Netflix, here I got access to a world of wonderful films from Hollywood. Here are five of my favourite films that I relished.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s: I knew that Audrey Hepburn was a trendsetter before I watched this film…but as I watched I understood why she is considered timeless! Her poise, fashion sense, elegance is unmatched even today. She had the killer appeal, the perfect mix of innocence looks and hot body. Never mind, the film or the story, I was captivated by her. I think many of our desi divas like Sadhana and Sharmila Tagore borrowed her style sense. I went on to watch Roman Holiday, Sabrina…just to see more of her. Hats off, old is really gold!

Forrest Gump: This film is amazing, I sat hooked to the film and hated to budge from my spot. The starring’ style, with the leaf flying and ending up at the feet of the ‘special’ Forrest Gump is creative. The narration is unlike I have seen in any other film. And the integration of history alongside the unbelievable story of Forrest Gump is ingenious. This tragi-comedy movie is a wonderful take on life. It is funny, inspiring, tragic and very very special like the hero. It shows the right attitude towards life. And for some reason, Tom Hanks reminds me of our own Aamir Khan.

The Truman Show: There are three worlds in the film. The real world of the viewer, the world of the film and the world of Truman. The concept is thrilling and gripping. Jim Carrey does full justice to his role as the trapped Truman. I got so much involved in the world of Truman that the angst of the hero became my own. And I heaved a sigh of relief when Truman escaped his confinement through that mysterious door. The high point of the film was the false sunrise…full marks to the scriptwriter and director!

Indecent Proposal: The theme of the film is scandalous to my Indian sensibilities. What an indecent proposal! One million dollars for one night stand offered by a stranger and accepted by a lovey doves couple…who would not be intrigued by the storyline? But actually the film is ethical…it reinforces the statement – money cannot buy everything. The couple faltered but emerged invincible! Demi Moore looks absolutely stunning in the film!

Hachiko: My husband often told me about a famous dog named Hachiko. He had seen the Bronze statue of Hachiko in front of train station of Shibuya in Japan. As we sat watching the film, I couldn’t control my tears. The real story of the endless wait of Hachi for his dead master is seamlessly captured. He did not give up on his master, nothing could stop Hachi to reach the station at the right time. We take pride in calling ourselves humans but the dog was far superior to us in every way. Can we be as faithful, as loving and as noble as Hachi? I doubt! The film is beautifully made, and Richard Gere is outstanding in his role as the loving master of Hachi.

Sometimes a film becomes more than just a form of entertainment…it becomes a movement, an artistic marvel…a masterpiece! I think some of these films has that quality. I am looking forward to watching more such kind of films as the winter is here to stay for some more time. Your suggestions about timeless films are most welcome.

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3 thoughts on “Forrest Gump and More Films

  1. That is a Beautiful review you have given about “HACHIKO”.
    I love Dogs and they are four of them in total, three at home and one at my manufacturing unit. When I go to my factory it welcomes me and sleeps beside my legs till I go home.
    They are the ones which give such tremendous love.
    The coining of the words “Timeless Films” is appropriate and goes with the purpose.
    I shall let you know some movies.

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