The Four Miracles

The Four Miracles is a part of Mondays Finish the story challenge. Here is the link to the wonderful initiative by Barbara Beacham.

The story begins with: “Little did they know when the photographer took their picture that they would find themselves trapped in a painting.”

They had been trapped all their lives…observing life on the streets everyday and never participating…

The four miracles were their favourite topic. They knew the man with the umbrella was highly creative, he brought colourful umbrellas everyday to attract attention but everyone seemed to be attached to cellphones these days. The tall guy with the trumpet was an optimist, he would smile even after having a bad day. The blind drummer was perfect but preferred to stay in the shadows. And the guy in the white shirt was a genius, he was deaf yet he played such soulful music. The men knew they need to go separate ways to earn a living. Yet, they came with hope….to serve music!

Perhaps, their musical spirit moved the photographer and the painter. The men got immortalised.

And with them…the observant windows who provided a fitting background to them.

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