A Short Ghost Story

This story is true.

It was time for me to go to my new office. The time was 11.45 pm. The world was probably resting but I had to go to meet this queer new boss at that hour. I more than desperately needed that job. I would not like to go into details as to why I took up such a strange job that demanded employees to work every night for just three hours…due to personal reasons but the fact that they were paying handsomely tempted me. I threw caution to the wind as I reached the office. It was a huge building. I had never seen it before although I often crossed this area. Suddenly, I was reminded of one of the obnoxious clauses attached to this job. I was supposed to be unafraid of everything on the first day of office.

I thought of returning to the safety of my apartment. But I had no money. What would I live on for a month? I had to go to work atleast for one month. I shrugged and entered the quiet building. There was no one inside.. no receptionist…no HR..nothing. A shrill voice directed me to take the lift. I opened my mouth to ask a question. ‘No Questions’, said the dictatorial voice. I took the lift, thankfully, the lift was crowded. I thought, I knew some of the people. I had seen them on Television perhaps. One of them was a famous Bollywood director or probably a look-alike! Nobody seemed to be interested in talking. The voice directed me towards the ‘Dark Room’ at the end of the corridor. I had this funny feeling that a prank was being played on me…it was some farcical tv show or probably my acquaintances had come together to make a fool of me. All this was surreal but it was happening to me. I peeped at one of the rooms and saw people busily typing something. I sighed with relief. I was here to do some writing stuff, perhaps!

I entered the dark room. A lady stood in the dark…only her silhouette was visible. She appeared very familiar. I sat on a nearby chair. She sat too. I said hello…she mimicked me in a shrill voice. I got scared but I had to keep my nerves. I lifted a hand to wipe sweat…she did exactly the same thing. I was about to stand and run….when I saw real words crawling across the wall as if someone was typing on the giant wall. It said…it was my turn for a nightmarish dream. They said they were kidnappers of Subconscious and Nightmare writers. I looked back at the lady sitting against me. Her face was lighted now. My mirror image! She was Me! Only I was crying and she was smiling viciously. I ran and ran and ran…I don’t know how I reached my apartment.

Someone was sleeping soundly on my bed, I drew away the blanket, I got the shock of my life …I was sleeping in there…smiling that vicious smile of mine!

18 thoughts on “A Short Ghost Story

  1. A weird, spooky and very gripping story, Shivangi. You certainly kept my attention and desire to find out what was going on. I’m actually very fond of ghost stories, as long as they’re not just plain silly. A great way to start a new blog – and nice for you to look back on.

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